COPWRA Annual Board and Director Meeting Minutes

Date: Sunday, October 13, 2019

ATTENDANCE: Sam Gallagher, Dani Gregg, Briana Sutherlin, Ryan Gallagher, Tygh O’Malley, Tyler Moore, Ryan Kimball, Katy Kimball, Tony Green, Sammee Green, Cody Every, Kasey Every, Kelli Rose

Called to Order by Ryan Kimball, President at 8:15am

Location: Crook County Indoor Arena

2020 Dates

  •  April 25 & 26
  • May 9 & 10
  • June 6 & 7
  • July 25 & 26
  • Banquet, October 10th

Location of 2020 Rodeos

  •  Crook County Outdoor Arena

Start Times

  • April & May:  Team Roping 9:30am Grand Entry 10:30, Dummy Roping 12:00, Calf Tying 12:30
  • June & July: Team Roping 8:30am, Grand Entry 9:30, Dummy Roping 12:00, Calf Tying 12:30

Financial Report

  • Reviewed Balance Sheet
  • Reviewed Profit and Loss
  • Reviewed Remaining Expenses and Potential Income

Rodeo Secretary Review

  • Online entries went successful
  • Not able to enter the entire year at one time


  • Decisions need to be made on the spot and during the event.
  • Announce protocol for rough stock at the contestant meeting
  • Have a mandatory rough stock meeting, must attend before you start.
  • Educating members who are just beginning on rules, equipment, it’s in interest of their safety.
  • Tygh will coordinate mandatory rough stock meeting, kids with parents, equipment check, rules, check off list, have to attend to be able to compete. All rough stock. Miss the first rodeo weekend, must meet with Tygh.


  • New organization and tracking worked well for the first year, had a lot more help, ideas to make it better discussed.
  • Ask Tracie F if she would be willing to take over the volunteer and be there in the mornings, Sara Mosher will not be at COPWRA next year;
  • Review what should be assigned and what is volunteer update the list for 2020
  • Grand Entry- get the flags, get a line up? Ask Amber Riesterer


  • Kelli and Tyler will review Jr. High and COPWRA policies and see if we can save money since double covered those weekends. Sonora and Western Specialties.
  • Cargo trailer- send Tyler the information

Stock Contractors

  • Johnathon Rickman is open to taking on the bucking horses, JW & Kelli will be done 2021.

Goat Contractors

  • Raymond Blevins will take this on for 2020, same pay per run.
  • Ryan Kimball will ask fairgrounds to add in a gate on track to shorten up, so kids can get out of arena faster, to the side bow gate into the barrel warm up arena. Also remove the “holding pen” in the pole area.


  • Kelli purchase; more stop watches & flags
  • Kasey buy some small supply totes to keep the stop watches in.
  • Ryan and Cody will work on the cargo trailer to make it more user and storage friendly
  • Directors that need radio; 2 on Track, Chute, Arena, Announcer Stand, Extras. (6)
    • Check the trailer for old ones and how many, if not enough Ryan Kimball will purchase

Rule Proposals Discussed and Voted:

  • Rake for barrels & poles every 10
    • Dani Gregg made motion to change to rake every 10 in barrels and poles
    • Cody Every seconded it
    • VOTE: Passed to change rakes to every 10, director’s discretion to change if ground conditions need it.
  • Running Barrels in the morning
    • Denied, no motion made
  • Rake for underage barrels
    • Denied, no motion made
  • Underage goat tail untying to goat flanking
    • Denied, no motions made
  • Do not hold goats for Juniors
    • Denied, no motion made, so goats will be held for juniors.
  • Split the Intermediate Boy & Girl events but team roping will be combined (like SR)
    • Sam Gallagher made a motion to split up boy and girl events
    • Tyler Moore seconded it
    • VOTE: Passed
    • Girls Events
      • Poles
      • Barrels
      • Goats
      • Breakaway
    • Boys Events
      • Breakaway
      • Double Mugging- tie down roping
      • Goats
      • Steer Riding
      • Bareback Riding
    • Intermediate Team Roping Combined like seniors
  • Junior Calf Riding
    • Sammee Green made a motion that ride needs to be a qualified (:06 seconds) for the rider to receive any points. No points are given to non-qualified rides.
    • Tygh Omalley seconded it
    • VOTE: Passed
  • Junior Breakaway Sled Roping
    • Cody Every made a motion to make a :60 time limit or end of arena whatever happens first.
    • Kelli Rose second it
    • VOTE: Passed
  • Boy Calf Tying
    • Adopting past presentenced into the rule book. Must be two wraps and a hooey.
  • Team Roping
    • Kelli Rose made a motion, that the points are “jackpotted header and heelers together”, based off total times, top 10 placing times get points. Awards to their highest earned points roping postion.
    • Sammee Green second it
    • VOTE: Passed
    • Tyler Moore motioned that kids can get header and heeler awards at the year end, not based off the highest points earned.
    • Sam Gallagher seconded it
    • VOTE: Denied, so there will be header awards and heeler awards a contestant can only win in their highest point position.
  • All Goats
    • Following Clarification will be added to rule book, used from past precedence
      • Junior Boys and Girls Goats parents can be on the track to catch their child’s horse (once the contestant is clear of the horse) and to help Juniors remount.
      • Intermediate and Senior Goats does not allow parents to be on the track at all, not to catch or slow down horse or stop horse from crossing the rope.
  • Jackpot Fees
    • Denied, no motions made
  • Dummy Roping
    • Kasey Every made a motion, to have the pipe box will be at least 12” back from the dummy.
    • Tyler Moore, seconded it
    • VOTE: Passed
    • Kasey Every made a motion that the points be 2 points for slick horns, 1 point half head, 1 point neck, no points entire body.
    • Sammee Green Seconded it
    • VOTE: Passed
  • Bareback Riding, Calf Riding, Bareback Riding
    • Rules need to clarify that if you have to finish how you started; start two handed, end two handed. Start one handed, end one handed.
  • Running through the gates
    • Briana Sutherlin made a motion, if contestant runs through the gate you will be flagged out.
    • Sammee Green seconded it
    • VOTE: Passed
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