June rodeo reminders you should read!

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June rodeo reminders you should read!

  • Schedule and Order of Events HERE! Rodeo will begin promptly at 8:30am with team roping!There is no Jr. High Rodeo before the pee wee starts!
  • JUNE RODEO DRAWS are ready, please notify Rodeo Secretary, Dani Gregg, ASAP if you have a turnout. This helps keep our rodeos running quickly. You will not be refunded, unless a medical or vet statement accompanies the turnout.
  • View your June Rodeo volunteer duties HERE, if you are unable to fill this position it is your responsibility to find someone to take your place. When you are in the arena for your volunteer position you must check your name off on the sheet provided, it will be with the timer sheets at the eye along with a briefing on the rules! INTERMEDIATE BARREL HELPERS PLEASE stay to help or find someone for your spot! Any questions ask Tracie or Sara in the rodeo office Saturday morning.
  • Contestants must compete in 5 of 8 rodeos to be eligible for jacket and awards. Contestants MUST TRY ON jackets for sizing by cargo trailer in front of Rodeo Office stand in the morning before rodeo starts!
  • Awards Banquet is Saturday, October 12th indoor arena Crook County Fairgrounds.
  • Pens by the outdoor arena are reserved for directors only.
  • 2020 COPWRA Queen Tryouts will be after Saturday, July 27th rodeo. See website for more info.

Board and director positions coming available, taking nominations & voting at July’s member meeting, new directors start  October 1st.
– Association Secretary (currently, Kasey Every, willing to serve again)

– Award Directors (currently, Katy Kimball and Sam Gallagher, willing to serve again)
– Calf Tying Director (currently, Tony Green, willing to serve again)
– Goat Director (currently, Sammee Green, willing to serve again)
–  Rough Stock Director (currently, Gene Palmer)
!!!!!Rule Notifications!!!!

Some rule changes were decided on mid-season due to safety concerns (Alcohol & running from outside the gates) and practicality (60 sec vs 15 secs), and that it came to the Board’s attention that three event situations did not have specific wording in the rule book, but have operated on past precedence and will continue to operate this way throughout the 2019 season until a rule addition or change is proposed, discussion is allowed at the General Membership meeting in July, and voted on by Board of Directors in October.

  • Amended in the Rule Book effective for 2019 Season
    • Rider has :60 sec to enter arena on their horse from the time the announcer calls their name (not :15sec) (page 11, #2)
    • No alcohol inside or near the arena (page 7, #17)
    • No running horse from outside of or thru gate ( page 11, #5)
These event situations include:
  • Senior Boy’s Calf Tying: contestants are and have been verbally reminded that ties include two wraps.
  • Parents can be on the track in Underage Goats to catch horse before contestant dismounts without incurring an “assist”  and Junior Boys and Girls Goats parents can be on the track to catch their child’s horse (once the contestant is clear of the horse) and to help Juniors remount.Intermediate and Senior Goats does not allow parents to be on the track at all, not to catch or slow down horse or stop horse from crossing the rope. 
  • Team Roping: past precedence in regards to points given show that points are given to Headers and Heelers separately (10 to fastest Header and 10 to fastest Heeler).  Again, there is no wording for these past, accepted practices and until the general membership meeting in July to add or change the rule book, we will operate according to past precedence in regard to these events.        
If you have a suggestion for COPWRA or Rule Proposal or anything you would like discussed please send to info@copwra.org or submit form on website before July’s rodeo weekend.
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