New For 2019

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Spring 2019

Memberships are to be postmarked by Wednesday, March 27th!
Click HERE for form.

New for 2019

  • Volunteer sign-ups are online, families are required to sign up and help, if not subject to fine and kids not eligible for year-end awards. Click HEREto sign up!
  • New member welcome meeting will be Saturday, April 27th before the rodeo starts.
  • Any reimbursements for overpaying membership fees will be refunded via check and are available first rodeo weekend to pickup in the office from Kelli Rose.
  • New rodeo and point secretary Dani Gregg, she does have 3 kids entered and competing at the rodeos so please be respectful of her time during the rodeo weekends. Try to handle matters before the rodeo or follow up with her the week after the rodeo if it is something thacan wait.
Online Entries
  • Online Entries will not OPEN until  April 1st you will need to have your Member ID before you are able to enter rodeo.You will get your Member ID via email from Dani with COPWRA. Check your spam or junk email folders for these emails. These emails confirm your membership has been received and provides you with the Member ID you must have for entering. One confirmation email per contestants is sent out.
  • Enter one rodeo at a time, per contestant, and pay online at time of entering
  • If want to enter all rodeos at one time, entry form must be mailed with payment in full for the year.
  • Permit holders must mail in their entries, no online entries accepted for weekend permits.
  • No refunds on entries, unless a medical or vet release is provided.
New Rules
  • Enter kid in wrong age group and they compete in wrong age group they will be disqualified. Please read closely when entering rodeos.
  • $25 fee assessed for late entry, all due dates and deadlines on website.
New Events
  • Junior & Intermediate Boy and Girl goats are separated
    • Boys tie with piggin string
    • Girls tie with thong
  • Senior Boy Tie Down Calf Roping
  • Intermediate Boy Double Mugging (more information about this event contact arena director, Ryan Gallagher)
  • Senior Bull Riding, will be on large steers
  • Contestants must compete in 5 of 8 rodeos to be eligible for jacket and awards.
  • Contestants must try on jackets by the concession stand.
  • Please notify Rodeo Secretary if you have a turnout in an event by Wednesday before the rodeo weekend to avoid turnout fees. This helps keep our rodeos running quickly.
  • Junior sled breakaway ropers will have ribbon across the box acting as a barrier.
  • Queen tryouts for 2020 queen will be at the July rodeo
  • There is another event at the Crook County Fairgrounds during our June rodeo, so we advise you to make your RV and Stall reservations soon!
  • Pens by the outdoor arena are reserved for directors only.
  • COPWRA is seeking sponsors, check out website for information.
  • Order of events and start times can before found here!

Keep our website in mind for all your questions and information needed