Rule Proposals, Discussion Items & Suggestions for 2020

Items to be discussed at the General Member Meeting at Last Rodeo Weekend in July, no voting or final decisions will be made at this meeting, it’s for discussion only. If you have a suggestion for COPWRA or Rule Proposal or anything you would like discussed please send to or submit form on website before July’s rodeo weekend.
– Rake for barrels and poles every 10 instead of every 7
– Run barrels first in the morning
– Rake for underage barrels and poles
– Change Underage Goat Tail Undecorating to Goat Flanking
– Do not hold goats for Junior Boys or Girls
– Intermediate Double Mugging, allowing girls to enter the event
– Jr. calf riding has to be qualified ride to place and receive points
– Jr. breakaway roping pack two loops, no re-building
– Jr. breakaway roping change to a :60 time limit
– Senior boy calf tying, specify in rule book, must be two wraps and a hooey/half hitch
– All team roping, clarify in rule book, how the placings will be all jack-potted together or keep header and heeler placings separate.
– All goats, clarify in rule book,Parents can be on the track in Underage Goats to catch horse before contestant dismounts without incurring an “assist” and Junior Boys and Girls Goats parents can be on the track to catch their child’s horse (once the contestant is clear of the horse) and to help Juniors remount. Intermediate and Senior Goats does not allow parents to be on the track at all, not to catch or slow down horse or stop horse from crossing the rope.

Election of Officers and Directors:
Board and director positions coming available, taking nominations via email or at the meeting & voting at July’s general member meeting, new directors start October 1st.
– Association Secretary (currently, Kasey Every, willing to serve again)
– Award Directors (currently, Katy Kimball and Sam Gallagher, willing to serve again)
– Calf Tying Director (currently, Tony Green, willing to serve again)
– Goat Director (currently, Sammee Green, willing to serve again)
– Rough Stock Director (currently, Gene Palmer)