Central Oregon Pee Wee Rodeo Association – General Membership Meeting

Saturday, July 27 2019 / Covered Grandstands.

Agenda Items

Meeting was called to order on Saturday July 27th at 6:50pm.


  • Record numbers of memberships and entries; over 200 kids per weekend, running over 1,300 events a weekend!
  • Volunteering organization new this year went well. Thank you Sara Mosher and Tracie Follose!
  • New events for 2019 were separating the goats for boys and girls. Well received
  • Calf roping for Seniors and Intermediates. Well received
  • 2020 Rodeo Dates will be released after award banquet in October,
    • Discuss it, try to avoid conflicts with HS, College, JR High and the fairgrounds availability, and we have had these dates for a long time.
    • First weekend of the year is always during the college rodeo in Northwest Region
    • Are there windows time of the year where we can change a date?
    • Keeping April dates to be ready for then because that is when JR High and High School start.

Taking Nominations for the Following Director Positions;

  • Association Secretary– creates and manages… email blast, sponsorships, facebook, website, meeting minutes, coordinates award banquet (currently, Kasey Every)
    • Making nominations; Jackie Schull
    • Second the nomination; Katy Kimball
  • Award Directors– purchases all awards & jackets for year end and all around and organizes for banquet (currently, Katy Kimball and Sam Gallagher)
    • Making nomination: Kasey Every
    • Second the nomination: Elisha Miller
  • Calf Tying Director– oversees the event, make sure it happens and all items needed to make it work are in place and point of contact for any discrepancies (currently, Tony Green)
    • Making nomination: Katy Kimball
    • Second Nomination: Cody Every
  • Goat Director– oversees the event, point of contact for any discrepancies, coordinates with goat stock contractor (currently, Sammee Green)
    • Making nomination: Katy Kimball
    • Second nomination: Kelli Rose
  • Rough Stock Director– oversees all rough stock and make sure people are where they need to be, point of contact for any discrepancies (currently, Gene Palmer) DOES NOT JUDGE unless NO other option.
    • Making nomination: Katy Kimball nominates Tygh O’Malley, Heather Earnest nominates Gene Palmer
    • Second nomination: Kelli Rose seconds Tygh O’Malley, Kelli Rose seconds Gene Bob.
    • Taking a vote on Sunday at the rodeo office.

The following ideas have been submitted for discussion, directors will further discuss and vote in October.

Rake for barrels and poles every 10 instead of every 7;

  • seems to be a consensus 10 or 12 would be okay and safe for kids to run. Discuss what other associations run, do we keep the age groups the same rakes or our they different.
    Run barrels first in the morning
  • absolutely not, keep rough stock earlier in the day, better for contractor and the stock. Discuss the start time to start an hour earlier for the weekend, or maybe just Sunday.
    Rake for underage barrels and poles
  • add time to the day that we were taking away. There are only a few kids that are going fast enough to tear the ground up, not all going fast enough to justify it.
    Change Underage Goat Tail Undecorating to Goat Flanking
  • you have 3 year olds trying to flank not happening, compared to a 6 year old, handicap the event by age,
  • right now it is teaching them running down dismounting, better to have an event they can be successful for it, shouldn’t make them progress when they are competitive,
  •  the youngest don’t stand a chance to do it.
  • Might add too much time to run the event, finding goats that would be small enough, that is the one event for a younger kid that they can do! Kids like to tie the ribbon and keep it.


  • Why do directors and board members vote to make all the decisions.
    • If people feel like they don’t have a voice, they won’t come to the meeting.
    • Having all members vote does not work, they tried it and painful and did not work. It harmed the association and did not benefit the kids.
    • Keep it transparent and the new events added last year that were not mentioned at the general member meeting. Someone’s opinion but they were discussed.
    • People won’t step up because too many of the same names on the board/directors.
    • Is there a possibility to have each director to have a committee to shadow. Blue Mountain community College does this for after a shadow.
    • There is a whole new group of people who don’t know rodeo, and some key people are on their way out that will have to step up. When Thompson’s were out it was an eye opener, who will be shadowing the Roses to know what and how to do it.
    • Create a shadow program for people to learn the upcoming role
    • The volunteer sheets have been great and holding accountable.
    • You elect the directors you want to make the best decisions for the association.
    • If you want a bigger say, be more involved and take on the commitment, there were 5 nominations open tonight and only had one new name added.

Do not hold goats for Junior Boys or Girls

  • Safety issue, remain to hold them, on their horses, other associations it is a struggle, wrapped up in the rope. Like it how it is and think it is working fine.

Intermediate Double Mugging, allowing girls to enter the event

  • We do not have the “even” rule for boy and girls events.
  • Junior High level it’s Girls Breakaway Roping and Boys Breakaway
  • We let them ride steers
  • Girls Barrel Racing and Boys Bareback Riding
  • Structure for Intermediate to change, split them out like seniors.
  • If we keep int. boys and girls competing against each other, then girls can ride steers.
  • Discuss what events intermediates would have if split boys/girls like seniors
  • Leave it the same for intermediates, let girls enter it.
  • If we go that way, the breakaway needs to be split out.

Jr. calf riding has to be qualified ride to place and receive points

  • There are kids going out there to do best they can do it, still trying to do it, gives kids a chance, giving them the confidence to want to keep getting on,
  • when Dani gives points it currently goes qualified points, then to longest time to shortest. Proposed change would be if there was a qualified ride, then no points based on time, if no qualified rides then points on time or to not have points count toward all around, but to event – If you don’t give these kids a chance you won’t have intermediates and seniors, other associations the stock is more rank, this is a measurable option to place contestants
  • The kids have come along ways and improving in this entire rodeo, rough stock kids will ride, if you have a roper kid that enter the rough stock
  • The number one gets qualified rides but isn’t at the top because others who haven’t qualified getting points.
  • breakaway roping pack two loops, no re-building OR – Jr. breakaway roping change to a :60 time limit
    • -next level they don’t get to rope second loop unless packing it, learning step for parents too.
    • Set a time limit and let them rebuild.
    • An idea was giving to the High School Rodeo Club to put on a timed event clinic.
    • Intermediate breakaway time limit is :45sec discussed appropriate time for juniors

– Senior boy calf tying, specify in rule book, must be two wraps and a hooey/half hitch

  • It should be the same as the calf roping for the seniors.
  • There is a reason it’s two wraps, ask current director why it is.
  • Needs to be clarified in the rule book.

All team roping, clarify in rule book, how the placings will be all jack-potted together or keep header and heeler placings separate.

  • If you switch during the year it screws up points, have to designate it.
  • First is first, not by heading and heading.
  • It needs to be like it was, leave it like it this year.
  • There are parents that can rope it quicker and set it up for the
  • Let them enter half way thru the year and switch ends
  • Can’t switch thru the year
  • Let them enter each rodeo header and heeler
  • How do you let them switch in the year, qualify for both awards in each year end, how does the award budget afford it?
  • Fastest time wins, then you can let them switch during the year.

– All goats, clarify in rule book, parents can be on the track in Underage Goats to catch horse before contestant dismounts without incurring an “assist” and

  • Junior Boys and Girls Goats parents can be on the track to catch their child’s horse (once the contestant is clear of the horse) and to help Juniors remount.
  • Intermediate and Senior Goats does not allow parents to be on the track at all, not to catch or slow down horse or stop horse from crossing the rope.
  • Add it do the rule book, no changes.
  • Increase fees $5 and have it payback each rodeo / per day
    • Other associations do it and kids love getting money each weekend
    • Add an “award” fee per year per contestant
    • Would it be optional to enter the jackpot as a sidepot
    • Dani said it’s someone sitting in office all day long and entering results as it happens, then results and payouts.
    • Takes the man power; takes 2 to 3 to make it happen
    • Kids get their checks at the next rodeo
    • Fees are good right now
    • Some kids leave with getting something
    • Sidepot an event, parents can pay an extra expense for this and it’s an optional for them.
    • Look into what a software can do
    • Scale back on awards and jackpot
    • Awards are the reason people come back
    • People drive a long way because of the awards, don’t take it away.
    • Jr High pays out minimally it costs 3x more to enter than you win.

Dummy Roping move the box away from the dummy, make them have to throw their rope, not just lob it on. Move it back a foot, two or three.

  • Tall kids’ it is hard to catch it so close
  • Easier for the judge
  • Have to let go of their rope
  • And not hook it on the horn then pull it tight
  • Would actually have to rope the dummy
  • What is the point if it’s they’re not learning to throw their rope

Dummy Roping Points

  • 2 points (slicks horns) and 1 points (half head/neck)
  • A kid can rope one time, miss twice catch slick horns and get as many points as a kid that catches all three around the neck.
  • Weighted based on the number of catches, then to the points

Steer Riding and Calf Riding, Bareback Riding

  • States in the rule book if you have one handed rigging you have to ride one handed. Two then two. Needs to be corrected because if they blow one out then they are disqualified, fix it. There is a kid using a one-handed bull rope riding two handed. Doesn’t matter how it’s started, if you make the ride… still no score.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm

Election Results; starting October 1, 2019 for the 2020 & 2021 season.

  • Association Secretary: Kasey Every
  • Awards: Sam Gallagher and Katy Kimball
  • Calf Tying: Tony Green
  • Goats: Sammee Green
  • Sunday Election Results for Rough Stock Director,
    • Rough Stock Director: Tygh O’Malley 19 votes to Gene Palmer 13 votes