2020 Rodeo Season Update on April 21st

2020 Rodeo Season Update on April 21st 

April & May Rodeos Have Been Canceled

We have moved to Plan B and a decision will be made on May 19th about the future of our 2020 Rodeo Season.

PLAN B = 5 Rodeos

  • 5 Rodeos for the season between June & July, spreading “Rodeo 1” out between the two months as Friday performances for specific age groups:

Friday 2pm, June 5th:  All Seniors and Intermediates would run all their events
Friday, 2pm July 24th:  All Juniors & Underage would run all their events

  • Eligibility for “jacket”* and year end awards will be 3 of the 5 rodeos * eligibility prize would not be a jacket like years past, but an award that still includes sponsors.
  • Cut back on year end awards, scale back the banquet, and more details to come if this happens to be the option we are left with.

PLAN C = If  June rodeo is canceled, we will see ya in 2021!

Any questions, comments, or clarification needed email info@copwra.org 


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