COPWRA Board Meeting Minutes Called to Order at 4:05pm on November 1, 2020

COPWRA Board Meeting Minutes Called to Order at 4:05pm on November 1, 2020

Present In Person
Ryan Kimball
Cody Every
Liz Russell
Sammee Green
Kasey Every
Tony Green
Katy Kimball

Present on the Phone
Tygh O’Malley
Jackie Rhoden
Kelli Rose
Sam Gallagher
Katie Garthwaite
Tyler Moore

2021 Dates have been confirmed with Crook County Fairgrounds
April 24 & 25
May 8 & 9
June 5 & 6
July 24 & 25
Banquet: Saturday, October 9

Start Times

  • April & May: Team Roping 9:30am Grand Entry 10:30, Dummy Roping 12:00, Calf Tying 12:00
    • Sunday start times might be earlier, if Junior High Rodeo decides to rodeo Friday and Saturday. COPWRA start times would be 8:30 on Sundays.
  • June & July: Team Roping 8:30am, Grand Entry 9:30, Dummy Roping 12:00, Calf Tying 12:00

Introduce Board and clarify any questions of existing or new directors in positions.
President- Ryan Kimball
Vice President – Cody Every
Treasurer- Kelli Rose and Liz Russell (new)
Membership & Rodeo Secretary- Sammee (new)
Association Secretary- Kasey Every
Sponsorship- Tyler Moore
Award- Katy Kimball and Sam Gallagher
Goat- Tonya Stratton, appointed by the board. (new)
Arena- Ryan Gallagher
Rough Stock- Tygh O’Malley
Track – Katie Garthwaite (new)
Barrels- Jackie Rhoden (new)
Queen Coordinator (not on board): Courtney Scott

Clarify in the Goat Director position that they are not the goat contractor, it’s a director position to make sure rules are followed and the flaggers, timers, and volunteers know the rules and show up. They will also be responsible for numbering the goats appropriately for each division.

COPWRA Queen– will be Ava Lawler again if they join and send in her 2021 COPWRA membership. Courtney is willing to help in the 2021 season.

Financial Review

  • Reviewed profit and loss, operating expenses
  • Current account balance is $11,049.02 that includes the $5,100 of 2021 sponsorship committed funds.
  • Kelli will send copy of current bank statement
  • Liz will be added on as a signor at US Bank, we need two signors on the account at all times.

Insurance Coverage – Kelli and Tyler stated COPWRA use Jr High Rodeo insurance in the beginning we won’t cover COPWRA under Sonora, it will be with Western Specialties. Director and Officers insurance with Sonora.

Other Business:

  • The COPWRA has voted and approved for Liz Russell to be added on as a signor on COPWRA Bank Accounts at US Bank, so there will be two signors on the account at all times.
  • Mandatory Rough Stock Meeting for every contestant entered in any rough stock event, Tygh will lead this meeting and Kelli will check off names to make sure they attend.
  • Eyes, timers, flags, need more stop watches, volunteer sign up with, putting a gate from track into back of main arena holding arena, take out the track’s holding area panels on entrance, move the exit gate on track up closer, need announcers. Barrel tape measurer, stakes, batteries for eyes, clipboards.
  • Katie and Jackie will need to make sure they build stakes for the barrels, poles, and eyes.
  • Kelli has all they eyes fixed and working now.
  • Sammee will let Kelli know how many stopwatches we need.
  • Kasey buy some small supply totes to keep the stop watches, radios, and parts in.
  • There might be a set of 6 radios with chargers available for purchase at a fair price, Cody will pursue this.
  • Ryan and Cody will work on the cargo trailer to make it more user and storage friendly
  • Goat Director will need to confirm that Raymond Blevins is willing to be contractor for 2021 season.
  • Casey at Crook County Fairground did not mention an increase in the facility fees, Ryan will confirm this on Monday.
  • Announcer Ideas; Deanne Bain, Starla Shepard, Dianna Alexander, Kelli Rose
  • John Rhoden will drive tractor and his groomer- let him know when and what and how.
  • Santucci’s might have a water truck they would let COPWRA use on the weekends
  • Ryan Kimball will review the entire Rule Book, there is concern that it is misleading that Intermediate boys can run barrels and poles, it is not clear that Intermediate Boy & Girl events are separated like the Senior division and checking for other errors.
  • Kelli is making it a priority of adding Liz Russel into the bank account and getting her setup with Quickbooks and a list of things she needs to know.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:15pm on November 1st 2020

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