Contestants can buy an annual membership that makes them eligible for year-end awards if they attend 5 of the 8 rodeos, or if you’re only wanting to compete for a weekend we offer weekend permit forms.  Annual Memberships are DUE no later than March 15, 2023. Miss the postmark date… there is a $50 LATE FEE per Contestant charged.

Permit member must mail in entries, no entering online. Must be postmarked 14 days before rodeo.

COPWRA is a fully volunteer run organization 

All families are REQUIRED to volunteer to help ensure our rodeo runs smoothly and timely. And if you can help with more than one spot, the more help the merrier!

Important Details:

  1. New first year families are invited to a new members orientation on Sat April 29th at 8:00am in front of the concession stand at the rodeo grounds. You will learn what each volunteer station is and what the responsibilities are, the ins and outs of registration and hear survival tips from recent Newbies like yourself. You then can sign up for your volunteer responsibility.
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