All submitted entries will receive a confirmation email back, along with your entry fee total.   If you do not receive a conformation email within 10 days of  then your entry (it takes a few days for us to process and reply, it’s not automatic) please contact Rodeo Secretary.

Online Entries have to be received on or before the due date.  Rodeo Secretary is not responsible for online entries not received by deadline.  Go to Entry Forms to download and print mail in Entry Forms, Membership Forms & Permits Forms.

If you enter online there is an option to enter all rodeos for the entire year at one time. Entry Fees will be paid at the rodeo at the Rodeo Office.

After entry deadline, entry fees will only be refunded upon receipt of a medical statement due to injury or illness, or under extenuating circumstances at the approval of three (3) board members. TURNOUT FEES WILL BE ASSESSED FOR THE GOOD OF THE RODEO!

  • April 27 & 28 = Entries Due: April 12th
  • May 11 & 12 = Entries Due: April 26th
  • June 1 & 2 = Entries Due: May 17th
  • July 27 & 28 = Entries Due: July 14th

Memberships due; March 27, 2019!

COPWRA 2018 Online Rodeo Entry Form

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