Entry & Membership Questions  contact  Sammee Green   sammeegreen@gmail.com / 541-604-0738

Online Entries have to be received on or before the due date.  Rodeo Secretary is not responsible for online entries not received by deadline.

  • After entry deadline, entry fees will only be refunded upon receipt of a medical statement due to injury or illness, or under extenuating circumstances at the approval of three (3) board members.
  • Enter your kid in wrong age division and they compete in wrong age division that will be disqualified.
  • There will be no refunds for memberships or entry fees if COPWRA changes locations.

Membership Deadline, postmarked by March 15, 2021!

2021 Entry Deadlines

Mailed in entries must be postmarked 14 days prior to entry close date.

Only mail in entries for one weekend at a time, no entering the entire season at one time. 

Rodeo Date Online Entries Open Online Entries Close Mail in Must Be Postmarked By
April 24 & 25 April 12 April 21 April 7
May 8 & 9 April 26 May 5 April 21
June 5 & 6 May 24 June 2 May 18
July 17 & 18 July 5 July 14  June 30
Privacy Policy
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  • Some of our services use or contain personally identifiable information such as your name, address and password for your account.  We use this information for the services we provide to you and the Association that you are a member of.
  • We do enable access to such information to Associations that you have entered into membership with or have participated in their events and already have provided this infomation to.
  • We may provide access to such information to Associations or individuals that are in the business of creating and sponsoring equine events using our software for show management and or using their own proprietary tools.  You should understand that while we work hard to ensure that these organizations and individuals are reputable and responsible we cannot guarantee their performance or how they will manage your information.
  • We do not provide access to such information to companies or individuals that are not in the business of equine entertainment related to events such as:  Barrel Racing, Team Penning, Team Roping, and Rodeo.
  • Some of our services require you to enter information for credit card processing, such as name, address, credit card account info for services such as payment processing.  We will use that information to provide the payment processing service and do not store or maintain credit card data in our systems.  We do not provide credit card information to anyone other than required info to a 3rd party processing service to process the credit card transaction.  Providing this data is performed using standard internet encryption via ssl.
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