COPWRA is a fully volunteer run organization

All families are REQUIRED to volunteer to help ensure our rodeo runs smoothly and timely. And if you can help with more than one spot, the more help the merrier!

Important Details:

  1. New first year families are invited to a new members at the very first rodeo in April . You will learn what each volunteer station is and what the responsibilities are, the ins and outs of registration and hear survival tips from recent newbies like yourself.
  2. For families that can NOT volunteer for some reason at a rodeo event, they can opt to help with the Banquet to fulfill your volunteering requirement. These people will be approved by our Award/Banquet board members.
  3. All Families are required to volunteer at each rodeo they have a contestant entered in. For unusual/extenuating circumstances accommodation requests can be made to the Volunteer Director in advance of the rodeo. For families that do not show up or do not sign up for their volunteer assignment, they will be charged a $25 No Show Fee per Rodeo ($50 per weekend) and that payment will be due prior to receiving any year end event or membership awards. We understand that things come up and life happens, so trade with another family or contact the Volunteer Director at nartz_j@hotmail.com
  4. THERE WILL BE A SIGN-IN SHEET AT EACH EVENT EYE OR WITH EACH DIRECTOR THAT YOU MUST SIGN YOUR NAME WHEN YOU SHOW UP IN THE ARENA TO WORK.  Duties outside the arena can be signed for in the office/announcers stand.

QUESTIONS / CLARIFICATION: nartz_j@hotmail.com


  •  If you are running a gate, please check the list of contestants and make sure the next one up is close by and ready to go in.  As soon as the flag is up and the judges are ready, get that gate open!  That also applies on the exit gate, contestants need to hustle out of the arena once their run is done.  Keep Entry and Exit gates clear!  If you have caught a horse after a goat run, lead the horse out of the gate if it is safe to do so and wait for the child to come get their animal outside of the gate.  Prompt is good, but Safety comes first!
  • You can change jobs if the first one you tried was not what you thought.  It is always difficult to predict when an event will happen, so if you need to adjust and change, now is a great time!  You can delete yourself off of a job on the Signup website (laptop seems to work a little easier) and sign up for different jobs.
  • Once entries have closed, I will be checking those contestants to match them with a volunteer who is signed up, then publishing a list of names that aren’t matched to anyone.
  • Signups will be locked Thursday night before the rodeo at 8 pm.
  •  I will not be texting/messaging/calling/emailing you directly if you are not signed up.  We’ve all seen the meme, You message me, I won’t message you!
  • I will not be creating jobs due to commitments you have outside of the rodeo.  Every job on that webpage is necessary for the rodeo to run smoothly, so if it’s open, it’s important!
    As always, if something comes up or you need assistance, please contact me! Jody Holmes 435-790-4928
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