COPWRA Board Meeting Minutes October 15 2023

COPWRA 2023 Board Meeting Minutes. October 15, 2023, 8:30am

Crook County Indoor Arena Foyer

 Present: Casey Romine, Jody Holmes, Tony Green, Ryan Steele, Craig Neher, Trevor McCoin, Kasey Every, Sammee Green, Tygh O’Malley, Katy Schnabele, Sam Gallagher, Ryan Gallagher, Jill Jennings, Liz Russell.

Phone: Katy Kimball

Called to order 8:29am, by Craig.

 New Directors understand their responsibilities and event rules.

    • Yes, Ryan Steele only new director and has helped Craig the past couple of years, knows the drill.
  • Financials
    • Balance is not current, report handed out was pulled October 1st and given to Craig, she printed these copies.
    • There are still some outstanding expense and invoices to be paid
    • There have been deposits made since October 1st and still have money coming in from donations.
    • Jill and Kasey working on a way to create a master list on donations and how to approach sponsorships.
    • Jill will need to do a monthly forecast of what expenses they need approval for from the queens. They will be asking for approval before they spend any money.
    • The board needs to be more in the know about donations and where the money is going with the queen expenses.
    • Security checks for financials, Deann Bain does our taxes and financial checks and files our taxes. Liz confirmed we got a letter verifying the integrity of our records and bookkeeping.
    • Kasey explained how they budget for awards and know how much to spend and how many awards they will need.
    • Final balance sheet and bank balance, will be provided to the board by December 31, 2023.
  • Memberships will be online with a per kid rate-
    • Rodeo software management fees to COPWRA will increase for Entry Fees from $3 to $4 per kids, memberships would be $3 per membership processed.
    • Insurance costs, jacket costs, processing costs, breakout the expenses so people understand where their money goes and what plays factor as costs keep rising.
    • Make sure we break down the expenses of what goes into membership.
      • Jacket, Insurance, processing fees, no solicitation, no awards fees.
    • Kasey makes a motion for $125 per contestant, Tony Green second it. Motion carries, passed.
  • Office Fees/Entry Fees
    • Kasey made a motion raise from $15 to $20 per weekend office fee, Trevor second it. Passed.
    • Keep entry fees as is 2024, review this next year since we adjusted membership and office fee.
  • Facility Fees 2024- present at County meeting Feb 2024
    • Kasey will attend Crook County Commissioners meeting to ask for 2024 facility fees to be covered by an economic impact grant, like they have granted in the past for COPWRA, she will attend with the kids, keep Craig in the loop he could attend as well.
  • Board production meeting – with the judges each morning before the rodeo starts include all directors and judges; discuss the ground, rakes.
    • Saturday is game plan and Sunday recap and plan for day, 15 minutes meetings
    • 7:00am meetings at the rodeo office
  • Day sheets and/or rule books printed or not
    • Keep a rule book printed in the office with a high school rodeo rule book.
    • Takes Sammee PDF and put it online and email it, keep the paper copies just reduce the quantity being printed.
    • Make it available online and encourage people to print theirs off at home.
  • Paramedic protocol- 2023 new protocol did it work better than in past
    • Who in Prineville do we talk to about their response time to accidents, it was 12-14 minutes. Craig wants to talk to and resolve this issue and what does our insurance require for this? Katy Kimball made the call for Prineville accident and it was 7 minutes from time she called until paramedics arrived at arena.
  • Liability Insurance- President/Treasurer, who will be making sure we have this and a cost
    • Craig Neher will take this on, costs, association responsibilities, local hospital needs to know a rodeo is town, what are the options. County emergency management.

 Signs posted again; running through gate and no alcohol, others.

    • Yes, have them posted again
  • Crooked River Roundup Young Guns
    • Roundup has new rodeo chair, general manager and is going through a lot of changes, plans for 2024 are not know at this time.
    • This should be determined after January, when Kasey knows more.
  • Stock Contractor Bids; plan for these
    • What are the legal requirements for a board, getting bids, over a certain amount? Multi year bids as an option.
    • We are happy with current contractors, not seeking to replace, not soliciting.
    • Youth rough stock, when and how do we bring back in horses.
    • If entry fee has to be adjusted, we can do that before the end of year.
  • Volunteer – review what’s working and what isn’t.
    • Need to add to the rules, if not paid had to be in good standing and debts paid being able to renew membership following year. Sammee made motion, Kasey second
    • How much effort and energy and hounding do we need to do to get people to help.
    • Board of directors don’t need to sign up to volunteer.
    • Jody wants to keep the system in place that she has, she wants timeline to coincide with entry close deadline. Keep it open through lates.
    • Make it very clear, sign up for BOTH days.
    • 2024 Dates & Locations
  • Keep in mind that our membership wants a different arena, keep an eye on the entries and membership.
    • April 27 & 28- Prineville
    • May 11 & 12- Prineville
    • June 1 & 2- Prineville
    • July 20 & 21st – Prineville, Friday July 19th.
    • October 12th – Prineville Banquet *
      • Kasey has presented a new date for banquet would be October 5.

 Proposed Rule Changes to Vote On

  1. Eliminate judges
  • Trevor makes a motion we hire one judge for the track, and directors flagging and appointed by a director. Kasey seconds,
    • Watch carefully the kids running through the gates, make sure judge can see this.
    • A volunteer should not be flagging someone out, it’s the judges call.
    • The director will stay in there for barrel racing, if not the judge it will be appointed by the director.

 Intermediate Double Mugging rules, more clarification and clarify on how long calf to stay tied

  • Specify a time calf must stay tied.
    • all human touch is gone off the calf, then :06 sec start and calf must stay tied, flagger times the :06 seconds. Motion made by Ryan Gallagher, second by Kasey,
  1. Separate results for headers and heelers in team roping, not jackpotted together. Headers place 1-10th, heelers place 1-10.
  • Liz Russell made motion to separate it, Katy Schnabele second the motion passed
    • Rule book needs to be amended to reflect placings, points, etc.
  1. Turn out fees assessed for non-notified turnouts – a non-notified turnout fee of $50 per kid for a non-notified turnouts in their event. This fee must be paid for contestant to be eligible for year end jacket and prizes and to be in good standing to for following year’s membership.
    • Trevor made motion, Tony seconds it,
    • Craig says it needs to be per event turnout fee, but reminder this was a notified. Sammee discussed why per day turnout fee.
    • Rule book needs to be amended.
  2. Junior Breakaway in the rule book, it read once kids misses the dummy will stop, then they build up. Change it so that the dummy won’t stop.
    • There is no time limit, the sled doesn’t stop, time is over when it gets to end of the arena, they can pack a second loop or rebuild their loop.
    • Craig makes motion, Kasey second it,
  3. Consider making 3 loops in team roping-
  • No motion
  1. Starting rodeos at the 8am
  • No motion
  1. Eliminate calf tying
  • No motion
  • Calf tying will be at 8:00am, no announcer, it will be out of the roping chute. This will be good for calves to be tied before tie-down and more help for director, and run them to see the back end, plus don’t have to try fit it in during rodeo events. Give senior boys enough time to get on horses and be ready for team roping too.
  • Add at :06 sec time limit the calf must stay tied after all human contact is off calf.
    • Tony made motion, Ryan G second it,
  1. No correcting the pattern, must exit the arena immediately.
  • Discussion took place on how it would save time, but at this level they need to make their horse complete the pattern, it won’t save that much time
  • No motion to vote on this.
  1. There needs to be a safety help or clarify, horse must be ridden into the arena, no walked into arena, then try to get on the horse.
    • Doesn’t have to be a rule, but it needs to be addressed as a safety concern. If we see something like this as a board, we need to find the contestant and offer help and concerned for her safety.
  1. Chute dogging cattle need to change direction before throwing and time starts when chute opens.
  • The time needs to start at the gate, not at the line.
    • Trevor made motion, Tony second it,
  • Contestant can start with their left hand on the left horn but can’t cradle the right horn until they cross the line.
    • Craig made a motion, Ryan G second it,
  • It’s the director discretion where to set the line can be adjusted more  or less than 10’ depending on the stock.
    • Ryan Steel made motion, Trevor McCoin second it,
  1. Rough Stock Chute Time Limit
  • Read rule book or add to it that there is a time limit when in the chute to nod your head over the time, you’re turned out. If the animal is cooperating and everything is set, this is when the time limit will be enforced.
  • Tygh needs more help at the bucking chutes so he can be there to monitor and help kids.
  • Judge/Directors discretion to call time and turnout out a kid for not being ready in the chute, they need to be prepared, will be turned out if taking excessive amount of time.
    • Tygh O’Malley made motion, Trevor McCoin second it, passed.
  1. Bovine or Equine can be used in rough stock, not limit us in case something becomes available.
    • Motion by Trevor, seconded by Craig,
  1. Director’s desecration to choose if calf riding gets flanked or doesn’t get flanked, not the parents.
    • Tygh O’Malley made motion, Trevor McCoin second it, passed.


  • The board discussed Tallie Wood continuing through 2023 end of year, is not allowed her time was Oct 2022 to 2023.
  • Allow lil miss to run for queen the following year
    • Make sure it is updated in the Queen rule book and packet. It doesn’t specify they can or can’t. Make sure the packet gets updated for the 2024 application.
  • We must reapply for our 501 C3, federal we are fine. We lost our letter. We have a letter from the state, and we are having to reapply. We are registered with state. Liz will get us an update and how we get our state status for this.
  • Calf riding when riding beef cattle needs to go off time,
    • try to encourage them. Want to keep the kids entering. Beef cattle weren’t too hard it was the chutes where these kids get discouraged. Tygh is going to have his guy talk to Cody and see if he needs help with rough stock and what is available, costs, etc.
    • Before the first rodeo we know what, the stock is, then decide what the rules will be, if placings will go off of time. Rodeo software doesn’t allow points from placings in certain events to not count in All Around. This discussion will be continued before the first rodeo in 2024, no rules changed at this time.
    • Entry fees for rough stock might have to be adjusted according to stock fees.

Meeting adjourned at 11:57am

General Membership Meeting Minutes July 23 2022

General Meeting Agenda on July 23, 2022

Discussion, meeting called to order by President Ryan Kimball on Saturday, July 23rd at 5:33pm. Covered grandstands. General meeting.

– Review 2022 year ; all sorts of weather but we did it and so far it’s been a good year. Good cattle, rodeoing.
– Banquet Saturday Oct 15th in Prineville, Indoor Arena, dinner tickets will be available online. Western Attire. Planning to be a Jr. High Rodeo as well, will be confirmed too.

– Stock contractors must submit their bids by Sept 30th, so a decision can be made at board meeting and fees can be set for the 2023 year. Contact Ryan, Sammee, Kasey they can get you a form that can be submitted. Location freight costs to be included as a line item.

– 2023 locations; we dealt with Burns we went back , we have it another run and in October we will decide where we go. Like the split because of separate arenas and different scene. If in Burns can we change our dates so we aren’t in the artic weather.

– Hired Judges for 2022 Season; people liked it. There was a concern on Burns judge in barrels, confusing on responsibilities. People volunteering said we don’t need you so judges left. Cost was $250 per day per judge, so $1,000 weekend. Judging needs to be more consistent. Craig was in charge of hiring them but we can move forward and try to improve them. Maybe have a judges meeting before each rodeo with all directors. Run down each event and go over all the pee wee specific rule with director. I like having the set judges. If they are there for an unforeseen time then increase their pay.

– Sammee and entries

Discuss how voting will take place if more than one nomination
– General memberships vote on board/directors. Board/ directors vote on rules at their annual meeting.

– Board of Directors will have their meeting on Sunday, October 16th to review and discuss rule proposals and changes for ’23 season.

Have a director with assistant director positions in the future. You don’t want to jump in without a life jacket and training up the people behind us.

2 year term. No appointing.
– Rodeo Entry and Membership Secretary
o Sammee Green, by Craig Neher

– Treasurer
 Liz Russell, nominated by Jen Robinson
– Goat Director-
o Alesa Peterson, nominated by Josh Peterson
o Jessica Steel, Kelsey Nonella
o Casey Romine, by Liz Russell
o Erica Leehman, by Dani Gregg
– Calf Tying Director-
o Tony Green, by Tygh O’Malley
– Rough Stock Director-
o Tygh O’Malley, nominated by Stephanie O’Malley
– Barrel Racing Director-
o Katy Schnabele, nominated by Cragi Neher
o Jackie Rhoden, nominated by Liz Russell
– Award Director 1-
o Katy Kimball, nominated by Katy Kimball
– Award Director 2-
o Sam Gallagher, nominated by Kasey Every
 Nicole Muller wants to help
– Association Secretary-
o Kasey Every by Craig Neher

2023 Rule Proposals or Suggestions:
– Junior breakaway dummy starts at least 10’ from the front of roping chute; Cody Every
o That a good learning tool. People liked this idea.
o Keep the ribbon barrier.
o How will the flag start? When the kid nods? The time should start when the horse breaks the plane of the barrier.
– No make-up runs, period.; Craig Neher.
o Choose what you want to do. There is not the opportunity in life to get to do whatever we want to do.
o Make it very clear in the rulebook.
– Allowing makeup runs for fair, 4H kids only. Jody Holmes
o County Fair conflict they can makeup
– Yes you can have rosin in the rough stock. Correct this in the rule book.
– Proposal for 3 loops in the intermediate in senior team roping, like the high school rodeo rules.
– Hiring paramedics to be at the rodeo, paramedics. You can hire Cascade Medical and Christine Mahoney will sell sponsorships to pay for this. Designated caller to call in paramedics up in the announcer stand. If there is an injury in arena there is a person in charge of calling in paramedics. Have this be a part of the “meeting”. If you have someone on site they will know the protocol of when and who to call. CMT… Mahoney will set this up and have them there.
o Ryan Kimball will follow-up with Mahoney’s on this issue.
o Do we know of a paramedic on site until we can have help here. Make sure we always know someone is here.

13 past COPWRA members are in the National High School Rodeo Short Finals

Proposal to hire a tractor driver all day each day, so it’s not a fight on speaker.

Rodeo entries; shorter entry dates, there will be a preliminary draw, there is a late fee, once final draw is posted will not be taking entries. Trying to avoid. We will work with our payment processing is an issue. Keep your confirmation numbers.

Grand Entry and Queen is being crowned tomorrow morning, please pay attention.

We have no enforcement of the rules for $25 fee and ineligible for awards for volunteers not showing up